The wall facing slabs of ENEA Plc. Are mined in the stone pits of Balchik, Gotza Delchev and Kotel. They have two decorative surfaces having natural appearance, suitable for modern construction. They are appropriate for internal and external front dressing of facades and walls. They look like ancient architecture of dry walling made from whole blocks of natural stones. The wall facing slabs made from valve limestone and gneiss impress at first sight with their unique appearance, and they made every home, office, shop, place of entertainment, or building unique.
The natural wall facings combine successfully with wood, wrought iron, glass, marble, and other natural and artificial materials, which allows each designer, architect, or customer to use the slabs at own discretion almost everywhere and everyday.
Main properties and advantages of the natural rock wall facings of ENEA Plc. are:
  • high strenght rate;
  • the slabs are anti static and non flammable;
  • the slabs are heat resistant and cold resistant, so they are appropriate for internal and external front dressing of facades and floors, fences, columns, fireplaces, barbecues, winter and summer gardens, terraces, balconies, stairs, staircases, place of entertainment, as decoration, interiors, etc.
  • the slabs are easy and simple to mount glued on plaster, or directly on bricks, stones, and on concrete glued with cement, or cement glues for majolica and terracotta, with silicon for mounting on glass or on smooth surfaces;
  • the range of colours allows combinations with the environment;
  • the nature and aesthetic give heaviness and massiveness of every building;
  • single investment.
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