Varna Region is situated in the south-east part of Bulgaria and it's area of 820 km2 is 3,44% of the territory of the country.

Varna Region consisits of 12 municipalities with 158 towns and villages and population of 445 200 inhabitants /wich is 5,4% of the bulgarian population/. 70% of the population is concentrated in Varna city - 346 000 inhabitants.

Varna Region has key geografic position, enough natural, economic and human resources, favourable bio-climatic conditions, Black-sea coast, highly-efficient agricultural land and plenty of protected territories. Varna Region is comparatively deficient in mineral resources /excluding the rock-salt and natural gas fields in the shelf/. It's rich of underground geothermal water with highenergy potential and good conditions for balneology.

All theese characteristics determine the opportunity for successful development and prosperity of the region.

The Stone Forest near Varna – one of the most beautiful and ancient sities in the world - over 50 mln years. Wall up the eternity in your home and around you - use the natural rock building materials,
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